DIY: Haircare Edition!

Hair Mask

         We love homemade everything. We researched to find some easy to make hair mask that really do work wonders. These are made from simple ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen !!!

Avocado mask 
  •     First Take one ripe avocado, mash the flesh of it.
  •     Second add 1 tablespoon of honey along with 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the mash. 
    • ( mix until it comes to a creamy consistence)
  •     Third apply to your hair thoroughly and leave it in for 20 minutes.
  •      Fourth and final after 20 min wash out with shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly.

Why this mask is one of our favorites?

1 )The olive oil helps the condition of the hair and the growth of the hair as well.
2) The avocado, know for its multiple uses on hair as well as skin, will help strengthen and fortify  your hair making it soft and shiny.
3) The honey will retain water and moisture allowing it to hydrate your hair.

Give it a try, we would LOVE to hear what you think.


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