Last Chance for Summer!

Yesterday was Labor Day which means it is time for your last summer hoorah! Every year for Labor Day my family and I go for a picnic. We have sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, and we even sneak in some donuts or cookies. After we have our picnic, we play games like frisbee or tag with the kids. Laying on the blanket with the sun shining through the trees after we are all tired is the best part of the whole day. 

 I love this day because it is our last chance for a small summer vacation which means wearing a cute summer outfit for the last time. That summer dress that you just can't get enough of and don't want to put away can make it's final debut on Labor Day!

So, how are you going to celebrate the last days of Summer? Show us!

Labor Day Dress


1. Do it . (via polyvore, kaboodle, pinterest, etc.)

2. Post it.

3. Link it up.

Winner gets a $75 gift card, that sounds like a great way to celebrate the end of summer, spending free money!

AND! Lasts weeks winner:

#16 Expect Style
email Sophia to claim your prize!


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