Joyful Runner up- First Class Lady!

At the ripe age of 8, Christina Grimes faced a terror all too horrible: her mom had had a life changing bike accident which left her paralyzed and with "too many broken bones to count." Although her doctors told her time and time again she would never be able to walk, Christina's mother, Louisa, had survived, and for her, right then and there, that was enough. It meant she would have more Birthdays, more Christmases, just more time. She believed she would walk again, and being a mother, she was right. Louisa worked and worked, never giving up, being a prime example of a warrior and inspiring all those around her. 

11 years later, she has won countless state championships for cycling in her age group. Most might have not been able to walk, much less get back on that horse (or bike, in this case). But Louisa, Louisa did. She inspires Christina (and all those around her) to never give up. Never give up on that bio-chem test, never give up on that impossible recipe, on that impossible person, on that impossible project, or on your impossible dream. 

Thank you Louisa
for never giving up! 

We want to give you a $25 gift card so this holiday you can feel like the first class lady you are! 

Email to redeem your prize. 

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