These Boots Were Made For Walking

Winter is boot season and that is all there is to it.

But it can be hard to build up a good boot collection because they are usually so expensive. So every winter I find myself really excited to break out my stored boots, only to be sick of them a few months (OK, weeks) later.

(Have we talked about this before?)

So, imagine my delight when, while perusing on Pinterest (I am figuring that thing out. Sort of) I came across this link to UrbanOG, a purveyor of stylish and ridiculously inexpensive boots! A winter dream come true!

(Just for the record, they have lots of other cool things, too. But for today we are talking about boots. My blog, my rules.)

These red riding boots are pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.

But there are also plenty of more traditional (not to mention versatile) options.

These black knotted slouchy boots seem like a good option for going from work to play.

These tan wedge boots seem like a classy and comfy option.

And there is something really appealing and edgy-slash-sweet about these gray oxford lace-up boots.

You can even get a pair of actually stylish snow boots!

Are you just swimming in the possibilities? What is your must-have boot? And what new must-haves did you find here?


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