Break the Rules, we Dare You.

Labor Day officially marks the end of summer, but that doesn't mean your favorite white jeans have to be hidden away until spring.  Rules are meant to be broken, and that includes fashion! So, we put together a little list of fashion rules that you can forget...

1.  No white after Labor Day.
Winter whites can be lovely if done right.  Just remember a few tips to keep your look cool-weather chic.
- Update your thin linens and sheer fabrics to chunky knits and cushy corduroys
- Stay away from beachy/boho beauty looks.  Keep your hair and makeup polished
- Accessorize!  Tall boots and a cozy scarf can completely change the look of your favorite summer piece
(And if you're still nervous, Emily Post says it's ok!)

2.  Don't mix prints.
Ok, duh.  Print mixing has become a huge trend, but sometimes it's hard to find the balance between cute fashionista and crazy cat lady.
-  Stick to 2 printed pieces and keep the rest of your look neutral
- Use prints from two different "themes"  (think stripes and floral, not stripes and plaid)
- When in doubt, go monochrome.  Two black-and-white prints are much easier to pair than loud florals and crazy polka dots

3.  Don't wear black and brown/navy and black together.
Yes, there are some instances when this is still a no-no.  But do it right and these neutrals are anything but boring!
- When pairing black and brown, stick to lighter chestnuts and tans rather than deep chocolate browns.  Contrast is key!
-The same goes for black and navy- if the two hues are too close it will look like you didn't realize they were different colors
-DON'T wear black shoes with navy socks.  Just no.

There you have it- Shabby Apple's guide to breaking out of the fashion mold.  So tell us, what is your favorite fashion "rule" to break?


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