A Line Is Born: Inside The Silent Era

My husband and I just joined the community center gym. Let's just say marriage has been good for our hearts and souls and bad for our waistlines, and leave it at that. But, with Shabby Apple's new line of vintage-inspired swim wear coming out soon, we'll all have a reason to be hitting the elliptical. And the weights. And the sit-up mat. And I'll stop now. For a peek into the new line, read on to hear from Taryn Gerber, the designer herself!

Before I tell you about Shabby Apple’s new line The Silent Era and my time in San Francisco, I should probably explain what led me to this point. About a year ago I realized I did not have a swimsuit that fit my needs. I wanted something that had full coverage, was cute, and convenient. I could usually find the first two in a suit, but the convenience factor was not there. What should I do about this dilemma? Design a line of swimwear, of course!

I was first introduced to Shabby Apple a few years ago, but I hadn’t come across their Emerging Designer’s Program until about the time I wanted to create this line. What started off as a selfish desire for the perfect swimsuit, soon turned into an opportunity for me to share my designs with thousands of women. I was beyond thrilled when I got the go-ahead on my line, and was soon making decisions far beyond my expertise. Luckily, the Shabby Apple team was there for me the entire way, educating and mentoring me on how design, production, and marketing work.

All of those months finally led up to an event I had been looking forward to since the beginning, the photoshoot. I was able to fly out to San Francisco for my first, “business trip,” or at least that’s what I like to call it. I had some free time to explore the beautiful city before the shoot. I spent my free-day soaking in a new culture that mixed the big city feel with a small coastal town. All of my senses were buzzing from the day, and those, mixed with eagerness for the shoot, kept me up most of the night.

The next morning was an early one, starting at 7:00 am. Maybe that’s not early for you, but for a college student, well, I could have used a few more hours. Adam Fleischhauer started on hair and make-up right away, creating a beautiful 1920’s inspired up-do paired with a dark plum lip. Hope Joens followed by styling every suit and giving each look the Art Deco feel we wanted. Finally it was Showtime!

Our shoot was taking place at the Berkeley City Club Hotel, one of the most beautiful and historical hotels I’ve ever seen.
It was designed in 1929, making it the perfect backdrop for our shoot. After scouring the hotels locations, photographer Chad Riley got to work with our wonderful model Tori Owens, who embodied the silent era perfectly.

Finally, the look was complete! Everyone’s hard work throughout the last year had come together to create the perfect combination of classical beauty, glamour, and mystery, all captured within one image.

The enchanting details of the 1920s silent films are what inspired my line, The Silent Era
. The collection brings a vintage flair to a modern suit, while having the coverage of a one-piece, but the convenience of a two-piece. It mixes Art Deco elements with flirty feminine piece to provide a little bit of something for everyone. It’s dark, glamorous, and mysterious, yet pretty, flirty, and fun. It’s like a smorgasbord for swimwear!

Now it’s almost time for the event I have anticipated the most of any other, the launch! My collection The Silent Era is designed to make women feel confident, beautiful, and feminine, all while allowing them to be comfortable in a swimsuit. Inspired by the black and white, 1920s silent films, these suits are sure to stir some chatter.


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