Easter Pinning

As is my custom these days, I took to Pinterest to get some ideas about how to decorate, bake and generally get in the Easter spirit. Here are a few of my favorite finds.

I didn't have the patience to make this yarn-wrapped-plastic egg wreath, so I just used un-yarn-wrapped-eggs and I'll tell you right now, it doesn't look nearly as good.

I also didn't make this jellybean topiary because we are not eating sugar around here for the month of March and it seemed like too much of a temptation. But it sure is darling.

I did make these embroidery floss eggs and I went with the garland idea because I like to reserve for trifle dish for Easter trifle. (I will be eating sugar in April. Lots of it.)

And what Easter decorating scheme is complete without flowers? I am partial to tulips, but these arrangements are just about as precious as they come.

On the food front, I think we can all agree that deviled eggs are a must, and I think we can further agree that if it's a Martha Stewart recipe, you can't go too far wrong.

My family also has a favorite German pancake recipe (for some reason we call it Dutch Baby) and I love the idea of filling it with delicious fruit for a yummy Easter morning feast.

How about you bunnies? What are some of your favorite Easter finds?


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