Emily F. On The North Shore

Today we hear from Emily F., who made the North Shore dress her own, thanks to a trendy belt and gorgeous pumps.

Name: Emily F.
Dress: North Shore
Height: 5'1"
Body type: Apple

"I wore my dress to church and I've worn it on date nights with my husband. I paired it with a stretchy belt from Anthropologie because the elastic waist wasn't flattering with my body shape and it really helped define my waistline, and I love the way it looks. The dress is really comfortable (although it's a little wrinkly in this picture, this was after three hours of church with three little kids) and I love it! I have broad shoulders so sometimes dresses don't fit me very well, but this one is perfect!"

Emily, we are so glad you found such a good match in the North Shore!

If you want to snag your very own teal-colored cotton knee length dress, you can find it in our South Pacific collection.

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