Apples To Apples

Today we hear from one of our fabu Shabby Apple interns, Jane Moesser, who tells us a little more about, well, apples, actually, and how they can help you get ready for those skinny jeans and swimming suits.

I think most of us can agree we want to get fit and look good for bikini season. But it’s just so dang hard when there’s so many good snacks out there tempting you to wander from your healthy diets.

I was so happy to stumble upon a delicious snack that is totally healthy and delicious.

Behold: Chocolate-dipped apples with granola.

It’s great for so many reasons—One: it’s healthy. Apples, dark chocolate, and granola. Can you say superfood? Two- It’s yummy to boot. Three, and possibly most importantly: It’s ridiculously easy to make. I am culinarily challenged (it’s a serious condition) and I was able to make this with ZERO phone calls my mom. Yeah. What now.

Here’s how it goes:

Step 1- Melt Chocolate

Step 2- Cut up apple

Steph 3- Dip apple in chocolate

Step 4- Sprinkle on granola

Step 5-Eat and fall in love.

What are some of your healthy snacks?


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