The Right Stripes

If everything in my closet had stripes on it, I would be a happy girl. Stripes are my favorite for fun and playful, they're my favorite for casual elegance, and they're my favorite for spunky pattern-mixing. I mean, you can wear stripes with polka dots, floral prints, anything!

In short, I love stripes.

And, as luck would have it (my luck and yours) our new line of casual dresses, Lighthouse, has all the bold and beautiful stripes your heart could possibly desire!

I am especially crushing on these adorable skirts, available in both a cheery red and a subtly smooth navy blue.

The alternating horizontal and diagonal stripes add an extra dimension, so the skirts stand alone with neutrals if you prefer, but I think they're still ripe for a graphic tee or a light floral cardigan on top.

Maybe something like this nautically-inspired T-shirt?

Or this sweet lace and bow trimmed cardigan?

How would you wear these stripes?


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