Give Me A Hand

We've got another great post from our Shabby Apple interns today. They really have your best interests at heart, you know? Read away to see what I mean.

I don’t know about you but when the seasons change like this, my skin dries up and generally freaks the heck out. My hands get particularly bad, doing things skin really shouldn’t do, like snagging clothes and behaving like sandpaper.

My dry skin was like a dark shadow looming over my every day life, plaguing me with social anxiety and driving me to wear gloves constantly to hide my appalling disfigurement. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But seriously, my hands were really dry.  

After months of searching, I have found a very elegant solution to this problem (aka my mom told me what to do):

Here’s what you need:

Light gloves or a pair of socks
Fragrance oil or baby oil
Your favorite lotion
A good night’s sleep or two

First, put apply Vaseline to your hands. I usually put about as much as I would for lotion.

Second, apply oil of your choice. I use Chymia body spray. Mandarine is particularly lovely. We have some of their other products on our site and they are divine.

Third, put on lotion. I use generous amounts and rub it in for a while until it’s no longer white. Chymia also has some pretty awesome body butters. I like using their bamboo fragrance with the mandarine body spray. The combo is oh-so-delightful.

Fourth, cover up with your gloves. If you don’t want to get any gloves all lotion-y, take a large pair of socks and wear those on your hands instead.

Fifth, go to sleep.

By morning, you will have seriously incredible results. Your hands will be lovely in 3-5 days max.

Yeah. You’re welcome.


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