Sixty Stylish Years

When it comes to royal family style-watching, most of the attention has recently been on one Kate Middleton. And not without good reason. But, as it happens, Queen Elizabeth has been rocking some pretty magnificent style of her own for the past 60 years.

Let's start with her understated but ever-so-elegant wedding gown, made with material purchased using post-war ration coupons no less!

And this sultry one-shouldered look, not to mention the sultry pout to go with it, pushes even today's envelope of glam.

Of course, the Queen has an every-day life as well, but she doesn't resort to dull clothes for the more mundane. Just check out this retro-awesome floral printed suit!

And, looks like J.Lo isn't the only one who can rock a turban! 

Even as she's gotten older, the Queen's style doesn't seem to have slowed down. I mean, she even gives America's favorite fashion icon, Michelle Obama, a run for her glamour money.

What's your favorite royal look? And how would you pull it off in commoner life?


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