The Kids Are All Right: Young London Fashion

Buckle up for another installment from our international office, Miss Erin Brown! 

London has always been one of my favorite places to glean fashion inspiration.  The first time I visited, when I was studying at art school in Paris and visiting friends across the channel back in 2005, I was completely blown away by the combinations the London girls put together: Saddle shoes and shorts-with-tights-underneath; collar-up trench coats paired with romantic looking skirts and Doc Martin boots; fabulous floodwater pants with dainty skimmers, and always the best of outerwear.  

Even if it was just for a weekend, this trip was no exception, and perhaps even more of a stand-out example of just how creative young Londoners can get with their dressing.  While out for our evening constitutional, my friend and I passed by the London College of Art and, seeing a large crowd milling about, discovered that it was the opening of the BFA thesis show.  We popped in for a minute or two, but I could hardly be bothered to look at the art the OUTFITS were so incredible.  Luckily I had my camera with me, and was able to capture some of the magic for you. I hope you find these ladies as inspirational as I did!

When I think of London, I always think of women making comfortable shoes look stylish. In New York and Paris—my two cities of residence (and choice)—heels are the daily grind, but in London, I see gals everywhere in sweet, practical flats, Old Man shoes, or military boots, and think: I could use a lesson in cute practicality.  Though most of the girls I shot were wearing flats or low heels, these took the cake:

The other stand-out London attribute is an ability to integrate outerwear into a complete look.  I loved this gal's mustard trench and granny shawl topping off a vintage wool dress (also, can we talk about those simple red lips with that great period haircut?):

Or even the simplest blazer over the top of a soft knit dress—the attention to proportions is fabulous:

Londoners have never been shy with mixing colors and patterns, and I was thrilled to see this great use of sassy tweed with a bright pop of turquoise underneath (and the red of her hair echoed in the tweed, too):

But the look that took the cake was easily this gal's retro-remix combination of a simple top paired with a stand-out peplum skirt and the most exquisite attention to detail in the rest of the outfit: the subtler turquoise shoes; and earrings that repeat the shape of the collar detail and the shirt's golden buttons; the hint of red both in the lining of the clutch and on her lips.  Loved it!

(and, if you love peplum, fear not—Shabby Apple has some killer peplum numbers to satiate all your flouncy needs…)


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