Making A List, Checking It Twice

Happy December! Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

I kid.

Need some help getting started?

I help.

I am loving little kitchen gadgets as stocking stuffers this year, and Sur La Table is my favorite place to go. (Next to my favorite kitchen store on Capitol Hill, Hill's Kitchen. But sometimes shopping on the Internet just wins out.)

I digress.

I am definitely getting one of these Bodum milk frothers for my mom (don't worry, she doesn't read this blog) because a) what a genius idea for classing up a mug of hot cocoa and b) I am in love with these bright colors.

I have one of these retro magnetic kitchen timers and I adore it. I have it stuck to my fridge right next to my stove and it adds a little panache plus keeps my cookies from burning (too much). I have a yellow one, but that robin egg blue is pretty rad, too.

Moving on to slightly larger gifts, but keeping it in the kitchen family, I totally want one of these slider mini-burger tool sets. First, you get little slider patty molds. Genius. Then you get a little grilling basket to cook them in so you don't lose a single one to the charcoal. So great. The only downside is it's always sort of depressing to get Christmas gifts that you can't use right away, but some of you out there must live in a warm climate, right? Or like grilling outside in the freezing cold and snow?

This year's really hot kitchen gift item appears to be the air popper popcorn popper. I am seeing them everywhere. And why not? I think they're a pretty great gift idea, actually. You could put together a little movie night package with an air popper and some favorite DVDs, or add some popcorn bowls to round it out.

What are your favorite kitchen gifts to give, and which ones are on your list this year?


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