All The Whos Lay A Snooze

I understand that in some families there is a tradition involving Christmas pajamas.

This is not a tradition in my particular family, but I can definitely appreciate a good set of PJs, so I say more power to the pajama people.

If you happen to come from such a family, and if you happen to still be looking for that special holiday sleepwear, might I direct you to Victoria's Secret? (Don't worry, this is still a family show.)

They have the cutest pajama sets right now, with just the right amount of Christmas-y that you can wear them now and wear them later. Winning!

I really like these flannel pajamas, and a snowflake pattern seems like a logical way to go, though you can also get polka dots and plaid if that's more up your alley.

And these thermal long john (jane) pajamas are the adult answer to the footie onesie. (Though it's totally cool if you have one of those.) The stripes are my favorite, but there are some more wintery patterns in this style, too.

If you're looking to celebrate in high style (and who isn't?) you can always go the satin pajama route.

Or you can dress things down with a t-shirt and matching pants.

And the best part? Through Wednesday you can get free shipping! Just check out the web site for details.

And then come back and tell me, are you a holiday pajama person, and why?


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