(Gym) Packing In Style

Are you looking for ways to stay motivated to get to the gym during the holidays? (Those holiday pounds don't take themselves off, I've learned.)

Well, I always say an adorable gym bag is half the battle (and the elipitical machine is the other half), so here are some stylish options to get you in the right frame of mind (via The Washingtonian).

If you're looking for something lightweight to take with you on a run or a bike ride, think about the Nike Cheyenne Vapor Running Backpack (available in five bright colors!) or the Camelbak Octane LR, which holds all your gear without breaking your back.

If your goal is to make a stylish impression on your gym crush (and let's not pretend we don't all have one, shall we?), consider the Stella McCartney for Addidas Florifer bag, made of nylon with a zip-close main compartment, or the Lacoste Fair Play duffel bag, with three internal pockets to keep everything where it belongs.

If you're looking for a gym bag that can go overnight with you when it needs to, look into the Lug Cartwheel Bag, which can fit just about everything with pockets for a yoga mat, jewelry and a shoe compartment, or the Blue Seventy Transition TZ bag, which can take you from swimming to running to biking gear without breaking a sweat.

And last, and certainly not least by any definition of the word, if you are looking for something to splurge on, for yourself or a special Christmas someone, think about the Reed Krakoff Gym Bag I with a sporty racing stripe for good measure, or the Jack Spade Winged Nylon Duffle, which has the advantage of being both waterproof and cool.

That's it! No more excuses for skipping the treadmill. But before you head out, tell us: what is your favorite gym bag and why?


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