Secret Santa Strikes Again

'Tis the season, the season of the office holiday party that is, which usually involves an office gift exchange, which is usually sort of a nightmare. I mean, not as bad as that one episode from the first seasons of "The Office" where Michael turns a really lovely personalized gift exchange into a crazy swap situation because he wants everyone to want his iPod (anyone remember that?), but still sort of a nightmare nonetheless.

But, thankfully, these folks have put together a handy gift list for just such an occasion as the awkward office gift exchange. Here are some of my favorites.

How about an environmentally-friendly I Am Not A Paper Cup ($20). If your co-workers take as many trips to Starbucks as I do (peppermint hot chocolate, be mine forever), they'll love you for this.

Maybe you have co-worker who needs something a little more snazzy than the tired old mug he's using to hold all his pens? Try this pencil holder ($10) instead.

As a person who just purchased a space heater for under my desk, I would be thrilled to receive this fleece blanket ($7) to store at my desk for those days when I lose the office thermostat battle.

And I completely adore this grass planter phone charger ($25). Because who doesn't want something green to liven up their cubicle? And who doesn't have to charge their phone? I believe this is what you call a win-win.

Anything strike your fancy?
What is your go-to office present exchange present?


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