Lettuce Go Green

While we're on a health kick, getting ready for one of these darling swimsuits, here's Hannah Stewart to tell us a little more about green smoothies. Think she can convince us to actually try one?

Give your stomach a green makeover!  

Let’s be honest, we could all use more veggies and fruits in our daily diet, I mean unless of course you’re a health nut times ten, but I’m not so here we go!

So what is a green smoothie exactly?

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Well, it’s a smoothie colored green of course! But really- it’s a smoothie consisting of power green foods such as spinach, avocadoes, kale and red leaf lettuce, mixed in with various fruits.

Green smoothies have numerous health benefits including healthier skin, natural weight loss, increased energy and reduced cravings.         

These are so easy to make for breakfast, or any other meal, and they make a killer healthy snack as well.  

All I’m saying is who doesn’t want to be healthier and have these great health benefits?  Try them out, the taste of the vegetables are barely there and they actually taste really good!

You can find various recipes on websites like this one:

Drink up!

She almost has me convinced! How about you? Any favorite green smoothie recipes out there? 


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