Sunday Best: Skirting The Issue

Sometimes what you need on a Sunday is an outfit that is both dressy and comfortable. As opposed to dressy and stuffy, which some Sunday outfits can be. You know, the kind of Sunday outfit that's good for church and a picnic, or Grandma's and a city jaunt.

Well, I found myself in need of just such a Sunday outfit this weekend and I decided that a nice spring skirt would do the trick perfectly. Namely, this floral pleated skirt, the JubJub Skirt.

Also, this skirt has pockets. What could be better?

This skirt is the perfect example of a wardrobe piece that can be dressed up or down, all in the same outfit! For my church meeting followed by a day of exploring downtown Austin, TX, I went for a purple striped shirt, though this blue-striped shirt would probably do nicely as well, and a pair of on-the-dressy-side gladiator sandals, with an embellished cardigan for when things got a little chilly.

And did I mention this skirt has pockets? Which makes it perfect for just about anything.

How would you style the JubJub skirt for a day of city exploring? 


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