Super Summer Cuts

When I got engaged last spring I immediately started growing out my hair. I've never been a long-haired girl, but I wanted at least enough hair to wrap around a hot curler.

And I succeeded! But I also spent the hot summer sporting sort of shaggy, growing-out hair. Which I did not love. So this spring I did it up right and got my summer cut last week. It's an easy, flirty, stacked bob-type situation and I am pretty happy with it. In fact, now that my locks have been liberated, I've been browsing all kinds of darling summer cuts thinking, Why did I stop there? There is a lot of cute summer-short hair to be had.

In case you are looking for some trimming inspiration yourself, here are a few of my favorites.

For starters, could Carey Mulligan's pixie cut be any cuter? I thought Michelle Williams might have had the pixie market cornered, but this style is officially my favorite in the genre.

For an even edgier look, Anne Hathaway's Les Mis cut is a good way to go. I don't think she's quite comfortable with it yet, but I also think it suits her well. She could totally work this with some punky accessories and a little attitude. And so could you!

Word on the street (People Magazine Street) is that Cameron Diaz cried when she saw this haircut (a miscommunication with the stylist, apparently), but I think it makes her look more like a serious grown-up and I like the swoopy feel. That can be hard to get with short hair, but this seems to nail it.

I usually opt for shorter-in-the-back, longer-in-the-front short haircuts because I am worried about getting a mullet. And I just don't love hair on my neck. But this longer-in-the-back cut on Sienna Miller is playful and graceful. I like it.

My hair has none of this natural body and curl but, if yours does, I think you should go out and get this haircut right away! I am pretty sure Katie Holmes isn't sporting this 'do anymore, which is a same. I think it's much more glamorous and fun than her plain old boring hang down straight long look. But, maybe it's just me?

What do you think of summer short hair? And do you have a look in mind for the impending warm months?


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