Shady Lady

Give a big Tuesday hello to Shabby Apple intern Hannah Stewart, here to tell us how to stay cool in our shades! 

Now that the summer times are rolling in and the sun is beating down on your swimsuit clad body, it’s time to don some killer hot shades.

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what shape of sunglasses you want.  Fear not!  For Shabby Apple contains all the answers to your summer shade questions!

The solution to your shady woes is quite simple, really: the shape of your face will determine which type of sunglasses you should choose.

If you have a square face shape:
Try oval and round frames to balance your dramatic features.

{Image found here

If you have an oval face shape:
You are the lucky one!  Most frames look great on your face shape, but you can also try square and rectangular frames that add to your beautiful facial curves.

{Image found here

If you have an oblong face shape:
Experiment with tall frames, those will create the illusion of a shorter face.

{Image found here

If you have a round face shape:
Go with more square and angular shapes as well; those will make your face look longer and thinner.

{Image found here

If you have a diamond face shape:
Cat eye frames look marvelous on you, because they emphasize your cheekbones.  You can also wear oval frames.

{Image found here

If you have a heart face shape:
Avoid larger frames and try more narrow frames that soften you forehead.

{Image found here

If you have a triangle face shape:
Accessorize with a top heavy frame that will soften your jaw.

{Image found here

There you have it!  Be gone sunglass woes, hello world!


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