Playing Dress Up

Every year, Halloween seems to sneak up on me. Gone are the days when I would spend hours pouring over the pattern books at the fabric store and asking my mom to make the most elaborate costume I could find. Now, I feel like I have three options.

1. Buy an incredibly  expensive, pre-made costume that I will only wear once, ever (No thanks). 
2. Come up with something using things I already have.
3. Find things I know I could wear again and justify spending the money because, "Oh this, would also make a great New Year's Eve dress" etc. etc. 

I like options two and three the most. So here are a couple costume ideas using things you might already own or can justify buying, because trust me, you'll wear them again. 

halloween costume

halloween costume

halloween costume

halloween costume by converseandlace featuring retro style dresses

If you happen to use a Shabby dress for a costume, show us please!


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