Part Of Me, Part Of You

My husband and I went to China recently and the flight there and back provided us with plenty (and I mean puh-lenty) of movie watching time. There was a pretty good selection to choose from, so I decided to cross a few things off my list that I had wanted to see but, hadn't wanted to see badly enough to take the time or spend the money when they were in the theater.

First up, the Katy Perry documentary, Part Of Me.

And let me tell you, it was a big mistake to wait that long. Big. The story of her childhood and early career was fascinating, she seemed like a genuinely kind and fun person, not an over-sexed weirdo like I thought she was, and the concert footage was rockin'.

Plus, she wore this costume. In case you're wondering, those peppermints spin.

Katy Perrry definitely has a unique style going on that I am not quite sure how to emulate in an adult work environment, but I definitely think her quest for authenticity is something we can all learn from. As Katy herself would say, "You can only be yourself. Everyone else is taken."

Amen, sister.

Plus, these songs! Catchy, catchy.


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