Boy do We have the Dress you Wanna Win!

  Alright, who has tried TUMBLING? If you've not yet experienced the visually luscious world of Tumblr, Shabby Apple's brand new Tumblr page (!!!) is the perfect place to start. It's full of vintage glamour, good-enough-to eat imagery, outfit inspiration, and Shabby Apple style and if you check it out today, you can win the ravishing red FULL STEAM AHEAD DRESS. Just look at it! Don't you want to win? I do!
(view the dress from all angles HERE ,oh baby!)  Here's how to enter:
1. First, make sure you "Follow" Shabby Apple on TUMBLR and PINTEREST
2. Find the image of the red 'Full Steam Ahead' dress we are giving away on our Tumblr page HERE. Pin this image, along with 5 other images from Shabby Apple's Tumblr page, onto one of your OWN Pinterest boards.
3. Go to our FACEBOOK PAGE and send us a Facebook message with the link to your Pinterest board, and then you have entered. The contest is only open for three days so  Good luck Shabbies!

P.S. Would this dress not be perfect for every Holiday Party?!


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