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We love a good icon around here, especially of the style variety, so today we bring you some of the style icons from the decades! These ladies remind us that "Fashion fades, style is forever" (-Yves Saint Laurent). So, strap on your belts, and get ready to feel inspired:

Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel

Basically the patron saint of style. By early 1910 our favorite gal had opened her first boutique and was getting the likes of Gabrielle Dorziat to model her clothing and hats. Coco knew she was sick of what women were wearing, and in true trailblazing course, designed clothing that had never before even been thought of. Genius. 

Louise Brooks

Try and try as Victoria Beckham may, she will never fully have the "bob" down quite like Louise. In fact, probably nobody will, because she coined the classic do. Louise was a silent film actress (among many other talents) who was never afraid to say what was on her mind. She perfected the "I don't care" look and vowed to never smile on stage unless she truly felt compelled to, which was a shame because the smile on this girl was amazing, seriously, google it. She was one of the first real "femme fatales" and knocked it out of the ballpark. 

Marlene Dietrich

I once was able to tell a picture was of Marlene Dietrich from the eyebrows alone. That iconic. This woman (along with Greta Garbo, lets not be hasty) redefined curls (opening up beyond the classic "finger curls") and make up (the fore mentioned eyebrows). Marlene however, was quite a fan of the tuxedo and even wore them to publicity events in her later years - risk taker, trailblazer. She was the epitome of glamour at the time, and with a face like that, she could be!

Carmen Miranda

Now, we don't expect you to step out of your house next Friday with a fruit basket strapped to your head, that's not why Miss Miranda is on our list. Remember, "fashion fades, style is forever". Carmen was an icon because she was bold and confident (even when dressed like the produce isle) and you know what? She rocked it! She became the best paid actress of the 40's (which was quite a feat for an ethnic woman). With her infectious songs and smile, it's hard not to love her. Plus, look at that face! Stunning!

Elizabeth Taylor

Alright, please don't kill me. We all know this was a very difficult decision, and believe you me, I did not forget little misses Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly or our dear, Audrey Hepburn, but wouldn't that have all been just so, so predictable? Plus, nobody can deny this woman was absolutely breathtaking, she was iconic, talented and for heaven's sake, she has one of the biggest diamonds in the world named after her! Though in her later years, scandal and her false sense of reality (not to mention disease) took over, her legacy will remain her amazing films, her always elegant (if a little spicy) style and her infamous violet eyes. 

Jackie Onassis

Or Jackie Kennedy. This woman is, by definition: classic, elegant, lady-like, respected, iconic, and, stylish. I don't even know what else to say, she invokes such reverence for the woman she was, what she represented, and the way that she carried herself. Even in moment of distress, she knew who she was and remained strong. In big appearances she always stole the show and in casual, everyday life, she set the bar high with light scarves and classic, simple sweaters. Jackie O is probably the most iconic person on this list. 

Diana Ross

Now this girl knows glam. After leaving The Supremes, Diana really showed us how it's done! She rocked the afro, the curls, the waves, everything! Her big eyes, and delicate face gave way for a new beauty, opening paths for countless after her. She worked sequins and ball gowns as well as minimal pant suits, all with a smile and with poise. Starlets today are still attempting to recreate her amazing style and photo shoots, good luck!

Cindy Crawford

Yes, we all know Madonna was iconic (boy, was she!), but lets take a look at another super iconic lady, shall we? If you don't take my word for it, you'll have to argue with Vogue Paris. Cindy Crawford made sexy, sexy. No more stick thin models! Here we have a woman with curves, bushy eyebrows, and a beauty mark over her lip (asymmetry anybody?) and she got away with it! She didn't look like Barbie, she looked like your neighbor's older sister, which was awesome. So hats off to you Cindy!

Calvin Klein

Whaaaatt? Plot twist! Hear me out. Maybe Mr. Klein himself wasn't the style icon, but what he created sure was! Look back. Remember the 90s? Please say yes. Remember overalls, uni -color sweaters, simple tops and  dresses. Minimalist, minimalist, minimalist. The face of his brand, Christy Turlington, was on the cover of British Vogue five times in one year! Big deal guys.  
I grew up in the 90s so trust me when I say, not putting The Olsen twins, Selena, Kurt Cobain, The Spice Girls, or Kate Moss was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Ever. 

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Ha! Snuck them in anyway! The best way I've heard the Olsen twin style described is "Dumpster Chic" but boy do we love them for it. They always wear exactly what they want, exactly when they want to! Even when they were kids, remember in interviews they'd always talk of how they had to design their own clothes? Just me? ...well it was good stuff. 

Kate Middleton

Ok, super predictable, I know, but when you look this good so much of the time, it would be blasphemous to not put her on the list!

There you have it! Remember, these are just some of our style icons, we know there are many, many more. So feel free to use the comments section to remind us some of your favorites. 

Need some more inspiration?
"I'd rather be a style icon than on Us Weekly's 'Best Dressed' list." - Iman. 



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