She and That Dress

I usually love Zooey Deschanel's flirty, fresh-faced vintage style (see Exhibits A, B, and C)...

... but she went a different kind of retro for this year's Golden Globes and, after an initial double-take, I think I'm digging it.

She definitely has the frame to pull off such a slender silhouette, and I like how even though it was out of her ruffled-and-full-skirted-norm, her bouffant hair and vamp make-up and the mod geometric detailing were still a little bit of a throwback. Plus, it all made her look like a for real, grown-up movie star, which was kind of nice, too.

I think I'd be disappointed if this became her norm, but for now it was a refreshing change of pace.

Or so say I. What do you think?


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