Patch Job

I am on the lookout for a sweater with elbow patches.

I decided that I wanted one so now I am going to find one and that will be that and I can move on with my life. I sort of like the idea of a solid sweater with a patterned patch, though a patterned sweater with a solid patch would be all right, I suppose, if I found the right one.

I found a whole slew of options through ShopStyle, some favorites of which include:

This simple (and cheap!) elbow patch cardigan from Forever 21...

And this cinched at the waist cardigan with contrasting pockets and elbow patches... (though I would probably never pay that much for a sweater)...

There is also always the blazer route, like this one from Esprit via, but I am never sure whether or not I am a person who can pull of a blazer with jeans or a casual skirt as a weekend outfit. Maybe I can make a new year's resolution to find out?

What about you, fashionistas? What do you think of the elbow patch trend, and do you have any patchy favorites?


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