House of Windsor

As you might recall, I have a strict no coveting resolution. So I won't be tempting myself by checking back daily to see what gems there are at Windsor, but you might consider it.

I mean, you'll consider it if you love adorable clothes for really unbelievable prices.

And I don't see why you wouldn't.

I mean, I can't imagine that you wouldn't be tempted by a cozy, cable knit sweater for under $20.

Or a versatile black-and-white striped pencil skirt (and that waistband!) for under $30.

And surely you wouldn't say no to a pair of sensible and stylish buckle boots for a mere $32.90.

With this much style for so little money, even a sworn non-coveter like me might make a few purchases with a clear conscience. Either way, I really can't get enough of this new find!

What do you think of Windsor? Any favorites among the mix?


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