Ladies Who Brunch

Brunch is basically one of the best meals ever, am I right?

And while a leisurely summer brunch al fresco is certainly a delight, a cozy indoor winter brunch is pretty lovely, too. Especially since you can have a hot chocolate on the side and not look like a total weirdo.

I hosted a bridal shower brunch a couple of weeks ago and tried out a bunch of new recipes that were, well, delicious. If I do say so myself. And they made up one of the best looking brunches I have ever seen.

Wouldn't you agree?

So, because I am just this nice, here are some new brunch recipes to spice up your winter mornings (or early afternoons).

There are these to-die-for orange scones from The Pastry Affair.

Plus this herbed quiche with blue cheese from Martha Stewart.

And you might as well throw in her home fries as well.

But the real winners are these baked cinnamon sugar donuts from Brown Eyed Baker.

For firsts, they're yummy. And for seconds, since they're baked, you can eat as many as you want.

How about you, ladies? (And maybe a few gentlemen.) What do you think of weekend brunch? And what are your favorite brunch stand-bys?


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