Winter White

This morning I put on a coat for the first time this fall. (And a scarf, but that is another story.) And now I am already thinking about all the new fall and winter coats I want. Because is it such a thing to have too many? I think not. I figure adding one new coat a season to my collection is totally acceptable. And this year I am thinking I'll really take the plunge and get a white coat.


I had never thought of such a thing before, until I had a roommate with a darling, cream-colored pea coat that I wore all the time. It was a great neutral color that often worked better than black, and there is something so clean and classy and unexpected about a white winter coat. I really fell in love with it. And now that she is not my roommate anymore, I think the time has come to invest in one of my own.

If you would like to join me in looking white hot this winter, here are some options for you.

For a lighter rainy weather, I am totally smitten with this pleated, belted coat. Move quickly though! There are only a few left.

And if all-white seems a little bold to you, something like this with a delicate pattern, either all over or at the hem might be a good way to break yourself in.

A coat with a bold black-and-white execution is also perfect for easing in, and I adore the shawl collar on this coat. You can leave it down for temperate days and wrap yourself up in it when the wind picks up.

A great way to spice up an all-over neutral coat is with some embellishments or unexpected details. I love how the traditional double-breasted construction of this coat is offset with the side ruffles for just the right amount of flirt.

Or you can just go all out, with a clean, classic design for a clean, classic color. A coat like this one is perfect for church, work or just a day of running errands. Dress it up with a colorful silk scarf, or dress it down with jeans and some funky brooches. You really can't go wrong, I don't think.

And if, after all that, you are still on the search for the perfect white winter coat, check out this wool, belted trench coat, or this bright white and white hot double breasted coat, or this more cropped double breasted coat, for a more casual option.

What do you think about winter white?
White hot or not?


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