Fancy Fall

I hereby submit that the easiest Fall outfit ever is a soft and stylish and warm dress, some funky tights, a pair of tall boots and done. This is the outfit that allows me to wake up just minutes before I have to leave the house. So, in other words, this outfit is my best friend. Along with peanut butter toast, which I can eat in the car.

But, I've gone off the track.

The point is, who doesn't need a rockin' dress for Fall?

The answer is, no one!

So, here are some options from our creative friends at Etsy.

This simple cowl-neck dress is perfect for a bold accessory.

This cuddly drop-waist dress is made from soft organic wool, and it comes in seven colors!

I love every detail of this turtleneck dress, from the delicate pleats at the bodice to the bell sleeves. Divine.

I am always a sucker for something vintage, and this dress-and-coat combination hits the spot. This rich color is perfect for colder months, especially when it comes in wool!

And for vintage plus whimsy, nothing can beat this chocolate brown 50s throwback. Those buttons! True love!

Which one of these strikes your Fall Fancy?


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