Elegance Is Mandatory

Not only is today the day after we celebrate the day that Columbus discovered America (as if that wasn't big enough!), today is also the day Shabby Apple launches our newest line of dresses that would launch a thousand ships: The Silk Road.

I have been drooling over these floaty, Asian-inspired dresses for a while now, and my guess is that you will be, too. Today we get a peek into the creative mind that brought us these Eastern wonders. Say hello to Sarah Brasher of Edelweiss by Sarah.

Creativity! Is there a better way to express yourself?!? Being a designer allows me to absorb the beauty of my surroundings and collectively transform them into clothing that reflects me and my life.

I am always learning new sewing techniques and taking on new projects. I love taking new ideas and implementing them in my designs. Each season I find myself spending hours in the photo section of the Manhattan library, digging through old photos and books. The thing I love most about fashion is doing research.

I am able to selectively filter through the fascinating inspiration that is constantly at my fingertips living in New York. From vintage boutiques to independent bookstores I tap into the never-ending stream of creative expression that drives me to push my designs one step further. I love being able to take ideas from the drawing board all the way through to the finished product.

In my ideal world, elegance is mandatory. There was never a moment when I decided to take up fashion design as a career, it just happened naturally. Fashion has always just been a part of who I am. Edelweiss has become my outlet and form of expression; it allows me to share my inspiration and love of design with others.

Enjoy some of my inspirations and photos from the last couple of seasons, as well as a behind-the-scenes video from the Fall 2010 photo shoot!

Feeling inspired? Don't forget that your chance to share your fashion flair through our Dare To Design contest will run out in just a few days! Hop to it, why don't you?


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