Collared Whites

My friend Miss Angela sent me an e-mail today. Subject line: A wedding dress I think you would like. And then a link to one Rebekah Westover Photography. Whereon I saw these pictures.

And thought to myself, "Miss Angela knows me so well!"

This collar! These tucks and folds! The cascades of flowers and fabric and dreams and romance!

I liked it indeed. I love to see what people-- even perfect strangers-- choose to wear on their most important days. And I have to say, I feel like I could be friends with this girl. Not to mention with her sister who designed and made this concoction.

I sort of suspect neither of them read this blog but, if they do, well done you!

And for those of you who do read this blog. And who are reading it (right now!) tell me, what is your dream wedding dress?


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