Bye-Bye Winter Blues!

Are you feeling the winter blahs already, facing months of cold weather with nothing but last year's sweaters for company? Here are some Winter Must Haves to turn that frown upside-down!

Gray Leather Jackets
A lighter twist on an old favorite.

Cross Body Bags
I totally love the hands-free benefit of the cross body bag for a casual day of errands, and a cross body evening clutch gives you the same upside for a dressy night out.

We've been seeing this for a while, and the lively pattern is still going strong. Make an outfit pop with just one piece, or wear it head-to-toe in a dress or wool coat.

Over The Knee Boots
I have never quite been able to pull off the boots-over-the-pants look, but this seems like a super-sexy way to do it.

Sequin Cardigans
We all know how much I love cardigans. And, you might not know this, but I love sequins, too. So I am pretty much sold on this. Pair it with a graphic tee and distressed jeans for day, and a hot mini-skirt or simple shift dress for night.

Leopard Print Scarves
This wild print is hot in everything else. Why not scarves?

Statement Earrings
Add a final touch of bling to a party dress, fancy up a ponytail and turtle neck sweater. But remember, if you're going for statement earrings you don't need anything else.

Strong-Shoulder Blazers
You can also find this style in sweaters and dresses. It's a little tricky to pull off, but I recommend sticking with pieces that are very well-fitted and pairing them with simple, non-distracting lines.

Lace Tights
A peek-a-boo twist on the classic opaque tight.

Fuzzy Coats
This look is going to have to grow on me, I think. It's definitely best in a shorter style, so as to avoid looking like an Arctic animal.

Fair Isle
This favorite print of our grandparents generation is getting a stylish update. Try it in a button-down, a hoodie or a pullover.

For a few more Winter Must Haves, as well as some deals on the hottest new trends, visit People Magazine.

And tell us, which one of these new trends is going to make it into your Winter wardrobe?


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