Are You Having A Cute Day?

It was a little slow at work today (can I get a Hallelujah Chorus on that one?!?) so I spent some quality time with my friend, the Internet, and stumbled across this little gem: Have A Cute Day.

I love the premise of this site. Two (cute) sisters putting up pictures of the (cute) things they wear every day, and sprinkling in some advice and giveaways and how-tos on top. I have always thought it might be kind of fun to photograph what I wear every day, just to see how my own taste and style emerges. And I love seeing how other people put their favorite pieces together.

Most of all, I love the attitude of these sisters that fashion is for every day. High powered business meetings days, grocery store days, playing with your kids all day days. We can look cute on all of them!

Here are some of my favorites from the ladies of Have A Cute Day.

How about you, dear readers?
What are your go-to cute items?


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