The Final 15

I hope none of you have yet died of anticipation. If you are on the verge, stay with us! Walk away from the light! The results of the Dare To Design contest are here!

Not to continue risking your lives, but before I reveal our finalists let me just say that we were overwhelmed (quite literally) by the hundreds of entries we received, and whittling it down to a mere 15 was a near-impossible task. In fact, our judges went through all the designs four times, it was that hard to decide.

But, decide they did. And your long wait is overe. Here are the finalists!

1. From Superhero.

2. Gondola from LeBraun.

3. The Aalto Dress.

4. From Sail To The Moon.

5. From Megan Begley.

6. From Image Envy.

7. From Grosgrain Fabulous.

8. From Warty's Wilsons.

9. From Dare To Dream.

10. Cruisin', from Art I. Sticky.

11. From Beauty and The Geek.

12. From Lady Danburry.

13. From the Martin Fam.

14. The Kate Dress.

15. From Smart Mama.

(Be sure to follow the links to read more about our fantastic finalists' inspirations for these wonderful designs.)

Whew! I think you can see why our tireless judges had such a hard time narrowing the field. And now you get to walk a mile in their (fabulous) shoes, because it is your turn to narrow the field even more.

That's right, it's your turn to decide on the winner! Just pop into the comment section and leave us a little note with the number of your favorite design. (If all you say is, "I love the yellow one!!!!" I am not counting it. You've been warned.)

Since we were a little slower than expected in getting this up, I am giving you a little extra time to vote. (Aren't I so benevolent?) So, voting now closes on November 30 at midnight, EST. And we'll do our darndest to get the winner posted here on December 10.

Now, not to kill the happy mood of this joyous moment, but just a little reminder that you get one vote and one vote only. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for repeaters, and you will earn my scorn if you try any funny business. (My scorn, by the way, is something you most definitely do not want.) But, there is no rule against telling all your friends, family, co-workers, grocery store clerks, nail technicians, personal trainers, inappropriate crushes and everyone in between to hop on over here and cast a vote for your design.

And now, back to our happy place!

A big congratulations to all our contestants and all our finalists!

Let the wild voting rumpus start!


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