Uniform, Uni-fun

I am going to New York this weekend (I know, it's a hard-knock life), a trip that just happens to coincide with the six-month celebration of the Uniform Project.

What's the Uniform Project? you ask.

You're going to love this.

One creative New Yorker (is there any other kind?) has decided to wear the same dress every day for a year (seven identical dresses, one for each day of the week, to be perfectly exact, and hygenic), only switching things up with accesories, layers and the like.

It's one-part exercise in sustainable fashion, and also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots educational movement in India.

Think you would go crazy wearing the same dress every single day? (Even if it is specially designed to be wearable frontwards and backwards?) Well, if we all had this much style and creativity, I think we could pull it off.

Or, if this kind of committment is a little out of your reach, you can donate accessories or cash as well.

What do you think of the Uniform Project?
And if you had to (got to?) wear one item of clothing every single day, what would it be?


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