Party Like It's 1943

The holiday party season is nearly upon us.

This fact brings to mind two important questions.

1. Does anyone know what happened to 2009? Seriously guys, it is almost gone. And yet, I could have sworn it just began.

2. Is your wardrobe up to the challenge of months of office soirees and neighborhood get-togethers?

It probably doesn't surprise you that I have some good news, at least when it comes to Question #2. Today's good news comes in the form of 1943, Shabby Apple's newest line of chic and utterly fabulous dresses. These dresses are just what the doctor ordered for all your holiday party wardrobe woes.

But, let me warn you before you continue, that you are going to want every single one of these dresses. Literally. Every single one. Keep reading at your (pocketbook's) own risk.

Take, for example, this charming white flower and grey wool dress, Bugle Boy. For me, it was love at first sight. Are you feeling the same?

Pair this dress with brightly colored or textured tights and some daring ankle booties to spice up the neighborhood holiday scene.

Is there a more formal event in your future social calendar? Then might I suggest you turn to Casablanca.

This black dress, accented with a large bow on the front, turns up the drama and the class, making it the perfect fit for a winter wedding or a formal office party. On the accessories front, a pair of shoes in an equally rich fabric, such as velvet or satin, are all this dress needs.

If meeting friends or family for a celebratory dinner after work is the order of the day, then Gary Cooper, a charcoal pinstripe dress made of limited edition Italian suiting wool, is the order of the day as well.

This dress transitions seamlessly from day to night. Just add an oversized pearl necklace or a creatively placed sparkling brooch to take the final step from work to play.

If getting hearts racing is your goal, turn up the color and the volume with this red cowl-necked dress, West Coast Swing.

This splash of color will set you apart from the sometimes drab colors of the cold season right away. I recommend it for snagging the attention of a certain someone under the mistletoe. Tuck a large feather or flower, preferably in a contrasting color, into your hair and you'll be sure to turn all the right heads.

And, if you can believe it, there are more of these dresses! I could write something glowing about every single one of them (seriously, guys, seriously), but I will leave the rest of the gushing to you. Hop on over, check out the whole line and then come back and tell us: Which 1943 dress is your favorite?


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