The White Album

With my new grown-up job, where everyone wears grown-up, professional clothes, I sometimes feel like I am swimming in a sea of white collared shirts.

I, myself, have never quite mastered the white collared shirt. For one, I think they are boring. And for two, I can never make them look quite right. (Which I blame on them being boring.)

But today I came across this picture of Brana Wolf, Editor-at-Large at Harper's Bazaar, and Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire, both wearing white collared shirts and I thought to myself, "If it's hip enough for them, I must be able to make it work for me."

The subtle details on Brana's shirt-- the ruffle at the bottom hem and the high, triangle-topped pocket on the left breast-- take it past basic, and allow the shirt to stand on it's own.

And I love how Nina has taken a more casual approach to the usually stuffy white button-up, with the sleeves rolled up and the top buttons undone. Oo-la-la! I also like how she has paired the formal item with hip cargo pants.

I am also seeing white collared shirts under trendy flyaway cardigans and cozy wraps and feeling pretty good about that. With the weather turning colder, a white button-up can layer under all kinds of things, taking the place of neutral tanks and camis that might not make the cut for winter. Pair a white collared shirt with a comfy tie-waist sweater and a pair of distressed jeans and I'd say you've got it made. And you'll be right on trend.

What say ye?
Any favorite tips for rocking the white collar?


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