The Empire Strikes Back

A big welcome to all our visitors from Cardigan Empire! (And a big welcome to all our regulars as well, natch.)

The Empress of Cardigan Empire, the ever-stylish and graceful Reachel Bagley, has featured Shabby Apple and the 90 Words Per Minute Secretary dress on her darling blog. Isn't she a dear? She has some great ideas for transitioning this dress into fall, so check it out for sure.

And, that's not all! We'd like to give you a little reward for clicking on over here. So, here is a super-top-secret-special discount code just for you! Just type "cardiganfriends10off" at the Shabby Apple check-out for 10 percent off whatever fabulousness you chose.

You're welcome.

But wait! There's more! If you're thinking you might like a 90 Words Per Minute dress of your own, there's a chance to win one of those, too! If you become a follower of this here blog, and leave a comment on this post letting us know you did, you're entered to win a dress. To improve your odds, hop over to Cardigan Empire and leave a comment there about what Shabby Apple dress you think best suits you, and you'll be entered to win again. The lucky lady will be revealed on Friday, October 9th.

You're welcome again.


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