All Treat and No Trick

The opinion I am about to share usually makes me pretty unpopular, but I am going to share it anyway. Ready?

I don't like Halloween.

I like candy (I really like candy), but I don't like knocking on people's doors and asking for it, and I do not like dressing up and going to crowded parties where I have to dance awkwardly with some guy dressed as a shark or one of the cops from "Reno 911," and I do not like being scared, and I do not like fake blood, and I do not like Halloween.

Around this time of year I usually find myself in the minority, though, and I am guessing there are some Halloween lovers out there. So here are a few last-minute, cheap and easy costume ideas for those of you who love to celebrate but haven't had the time yet to pull something together.

(I also hate thinking of costumes. Maybe I should read this post?)

Blown Away

You don't need a real windy thunderstorm to look like you've been caught in one, and this costume will win you major points for creativity. Plus, you can definitely put it together with things you already have lying around. Start with business casual clothes (slacks, dress shirt, belt) and add a quirky tie. Tie the tie as you normally would, then loosen it and slip it off. Undo a wire hanger and feed one end down the back sleeve of the front part of the tie. Bend the excess wire so it can be inserted into the skinny sleeve of the tie, then put the tie back on and twist the hanging pieces so they look like they just got blasted with a gust of wind. Turn an old umbrella inside out, gel your hair to stick up in the same direction as your tie and you'll be ready to blow everyone else away, too.

Day of the Dead

For a slightly creepier look, go with white face paint and and black lipstick. Use eyeliner to draw vertical lines around your mouth and eyes, and darken the area around your nose for that extra-dead look. Your box of Christmas decorations can be an unexpected place to find some costume accessories; keep your eyes peeled especially for brightly colored plastic flowers. Tinsel and other sparkly garlands can also be incorporated. Sponges, paper plates and every day craft paint are all you need to make stamps or stencils of skulls and other patterns for your clothes, and tempera paint will wash out if you are planning on wearing the items later. Vintage pieces, either from your own closet or a thrift store, add the finishing "from another time" touch.

Spooky Punk

This offers a slightly lighter take on the same ghoulish theme. For this outfit, grab a black dress or a similar trustworthy favorite and embellish with fishnets, gothic-inspired jewelry and funky boots. For the shredded scarf, tear some old clothes, tablecloths or sheets in gray or black and attach the pieces using safety pins for a back-from-the-dead punk rock look that won't permanently alter clothes you love. Experiment with different shapes and types of fabric to achieve your favorite look. This do-it-yourself scarf can also be added to a black T-shirt and dark jeans for a male version of the same costume. And, for a little bit of fake blood that doubles as a tasty treat, add some red food coloring to one-sixth of a cup of chocolate syrup, plus a dash of corn syrup to thin it out. Yum!

So, even though I will be sitting home, pouting and eating the candy I should be passing out to adorable children, I hope you have a wonderful time this Halloween!

And, if you decide to try out one of these great costume ideas, let us know how it goes!


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