Winner's Circle (Present and Future!)

There is a lot of winning going on around here today.

For one thing, the winner of our 90 Words Per Minute secretary dress give-away was announced over at Cardigan Empire on Friday. Congratulations to Miss Ashley Elizabeth!

For a second thing, you can still get 10 percent off your Shabby Apple purchase when you enter the magical code: cardiganfriends10off.

And for a third thing, there is still a chance to win-- and I mean W-I-N-- with our Dare to Design contest. There are just a few weeks left to get in on this dreamy chance of a lifetime. And let's not forget how amazing the winning haul is.

For one thing, the winning design will become part of the Shabby Apple Spring line of dresses.

For a second thing, the winner also receives a 3 percent royalty of every dress sold of his or her design.

For a third thing, think about the bragging rights. I mean, just think about it!

To answer a few questions that have cropped up, there is no limit on the number of designs you can submit, so if you have more than one genius idea just aching to get out, go wild!

As for where to put your design, blogs are the preference, but I'll look into the option of linking on Facebook and get back to you.

And here is a refresher on the rest of the rules.

The dare still stands!


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