The Stork Stop

It seems that a lot of my favorite people are expecting babies these days. Which is good news for me because it means an excuse to buy adorable baby clothes, stock up on my favorite kids' books and plan trips to see the new little ones. And all of this without 3 o'clock feedings. Hurray for me!

But being in a family way is also good news for them, too. Mostly because I will be showering their little ones with love and affection. But also because Shabby Apple has a new Fall line of maternity dresses. And now through November 15th, they can get 10 percent off their maternity purchase by entering the code "fall maternity."

And if you happen to have a bun in the oven, you can get 10 percent off, too.

I am particularly fond of this sassy eggplant dress with a long tie in the back.

And this long charcoal colored dress with a sweet bow on the shoulder.

Maternity dresses like these almost make me think the 3 o'clock feedings wouldn't be that bad.



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