Crafted and Found

The rule about swearing in my house always was that it doesn't count as a swear if it's a quote. (This has given us a surprising amount of latitude when it comes to cussing, just for the record.) Which is why it is not really swearing for me to tell you that the other day I went to a craft fair called Crafty Bastards, and I wish every single one of you could have been there.

There were skirts stitched together from recycled fabric! Jewelry made out of vintage typewriter keys! Purses made from the covers of old books! Hand-bound journals! Screen-printed T-shirts! And the list goes on and on.

But since every single one of you couldn't be there, I am going to do you the next best thing. Which is tell you where to find some of my favorite finds, all through the magic of the Internet. Can you handle it? Here we go.

For starters, I could not get enough of these statement headbands from Giant Dwarf. I bought this one in blue and gray tones, which turned out to be the perfect accessory match for my new Shabby Apple teal wrap dress, Azure Coast.

I was also quite taken with these enamel pendants from Dandelion Blu. The cherry blossoms were my favorite.

I can see this being just the right piece to grace the neckline of the Martha's Vineyard brown wrap dress, or to add a flash of color to the Storm grey knit dress, a personal favorite of mine. Throw on a pair soft pink heels to tie it together and you'll be the most stylish thing out there.

And now that you're all dressed up with somewhere to go, you need a one-of-a-kind, on-trend clutch to carry for your night out on the town. Right? You can find everything from whimsical to fancy at North Carolina-based Pear Threads. The Condie clutch, made from soft vinyl and vintage kimono fabric seems a match made in heaven for Shabby Apple's new black tiered dress, Tiery-Eyed.

And those of you currently stocking up on Shabby Apple's new line of maternity dresses should also be stocking up on some so-cute-you-could-die screen printed baby onesies from Pinecone + Chickadee. Seriously, if this cupcake came on grown-up clothes, I would be all over it like a cheap suit.

Now you're wishing you could have been there, too. Aren't you? Crafty Bastards happens here in D.C. every October, so feel free to join me the next time around. Until then, tell me which of these fabulous finds is your favorite, and how you plan to flaunt it.


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