The Long and Shorts of It

Time is flying by, but there is still one more month of summer left, and that means one more month for shorts!

I have always felt a little self-conscious in shorts (I have this thing about my knees, but that's another post), but I think anyone can feel confident in just about anything that's done right. So, here are some tips for maximizing this summer's hottest short-ish trends.

1. Feel free to play with the length, but the best proportion for this season's dressy shorts is voluminous.

2. For a quick do-it-yourself solution, take a pair of pants stuck at the back of your closet and cut them off around mid-thigh.

3. Tucked-in blouses, graphic tees and lacey shirts are all a good way to top off your chic shorts.

4. Spruce it up, if you'd like, with a pair of heels, a statement piece of jewelry and, of course, well moisturized gams.

Some of these styles might also help you get started.

Try a bold pattern like these silky shorts from See By Chloe.

Or this floral design from Urban Outfitters.

You can also experiment with an unusual fabric or material, like these leather-look-alike bubble shorts from Revolve Clothing.

For a slightly more casual look, but still with a little flair, try a cuffed, tie-front short, like this one from Forever 21...

...or this one from J. Crew.

Now all we need is the willpower to take up five minutes earlier for a smooth shave, right ladies?


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