Blooming Bottoms

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As you know, I just moved to a new city and that means a new vibe and a new style. I am not embarrassed (OK, I am only slighly embarrassed) to tell you that I have become an online shopping fiend, pumping up my wardrobe to reflect my new home.

One new must-have item on my list: the tulip skirt.

tu*lip skirt (noun): 1. similar to a pencil skirt, but with wider hips and a short hemline. tulip skirts cinch at the waist, balloon out at the hips (usually through the use of pleats or ruching) and then taper back down to the legs. 2. a must-have summer item for every fashionista.

I am seeing them everywhere, and I hope to see one on myself very soon. Wanna join in on the fun? Here are some tidbits to get you started.

Tulip skirts look best on women with a medium or thin build, but the ballooning hips are forgiving, so just about anyone can get in on the trend.

Since it defeats the whole purpose of the skirt to cover the unique waist and pleating or detailing, tulip skirts are best paired with short-waisted tops, or thin blouses and shirts that can be tucked in. If you simply must layer a cardigan or blazer over a tight-fitting top, leave it open so the detail of the skirt can still be seen.

If you're going for long legs, wear heels with your tulip skirt. If the skirt's style is more casual, ballet flats are the way to go.

And don't think your tulip skirt days are numbered. When the weather turns cold, pair your skirt with neutral tights, or go for the monochromatic look with a tulip skirt, tights and shoes in the same shade.

Whaddya think?

Will you be joining me in this blooming trend?


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