Color Coded

How is everyone liking the Manhattan Line? (Imagine that I shouted that out, like the lead singer of the opening band shouting out, "How's everybody doing tonight?" It makes it more exciting.)

I, for one, am l-o-v-i-n-g it. The Manhattan Line, that is. I wore the Madison Ave houndstooth dress to work last week and my boss said I was looking "vogue." It was a good day.

Well, you better believe there is more where that came from (that being the Manhattan Line, of course) and we want your help putting the fabu in the next batch of fabulous dresses.

Below you'll find some new sketches from the Manhattan Line mama, Rebekah McKinney. Keep scrolling down and you'll see some color swatches as well. We want to know (pretty please with a cherry on top) which color (or colors) you like best for which design.


Here we go.

{Fabulous Dress Number One}

{Fabulous Dress Number Two}

{Boiled Gray}

{Boiled Pink}

{Black and Gray Pinstripe}

{Brown, Pink and Black}

{Grey, Blue and Pink}

{Pink Plaid, One}

{Pink Plaid, Two}

It all looks pretty good, eh? Now just pop into the comments section and let us know what dress/color combo really gets you going. (In a family-friendly sort of way.) If you're lucky (in a family-friendly sort of way) your dream dress could be hitting the (virtual) shelf soon!


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