Frustration Station: Results Show!

Boy oh man do I hear you ladies!

Your comments on the Frustration Station post sound like a recording of what goes through my head every morning as I stand in my closet. What matches what? Why do all my pants fit funny? Do I own anything that doesn't need a tank top underneath? Could my boobs look any smaller?

(The answer to that one is, as it happens, no. No, they could not.)

There are all kinds of hurdles that make us want to throw in the towel and join a nudist colony, and I'll tackle some of your questions in upcoming posts. (I'm looking at you, ill-fitting jeans.)

But for now, I'd like announce the winner of our Frustration Station competition.


Congratulations, Torri!


Torri shared a frustration that many of you did namely, how to dress after baby. She wrote:

"My biggest frustration is that since I had a baby I feel like I don't know what size I am or how anything fits anymore because my body is different. :( I don't know what fits, so I don't like to go clothes shopping although I need clothes that fit!"

We'll start Torri off with a 90 Words Per Minute secretary dress (one that fits!) and go from there. Maybe she can even come back and share some tips with the rest of us. (Torri, just shoot an e-mail over to to claim your prize.)

Thanks for playing everyone!

And stay tuned for some tricks and tips for kicking some of those frustrations right to the curb.


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