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It's time for another installment of one of our Shabby Apple favorites: "In The Apple-light." Today we're getting to know one Ms. Sarah Jones, proprietor of one fabulous Web site, Cashmere Cardigan Boutique. To learn all about what makes Ms. Jones tick, and what makes cashmere cardigans the bee's knees, read on!

Tell us about your family, your pets, your occupation and where you live.

I live in Los Angeles, but spend a lot of time in San Francisco and New York. I am a personal shopper. I started out just shopping for friends in college and after graduation, started doing it full-time as more people asked me to be their personal shopper. I’ve always been interested in fashion and this is a great way to continue to be in-the-know. I start out every woman’s wardrobe with some basic pieces and then add on from there. No matter what the budget, I truly believe that having the right basics is important. One of my key winter basics is a cashmere cardigan which was my inspiration for the name of my blog. {More on this soon!}

I have a little dog named Katie and a great fiancé named David.

What was the inspiration for Cashmere Cardigan Boutique? {Told you it was coming soon!}

The inspiration was really my love of fashion. As a personal shopper, I advise people on clothes everyday. I tend not to only shop for people with lots of money, but also will take on clients on a budget. Therefore, I’ve seen what a difference small changes in your wardrobe make. If you are on a budget, look for classic pieces and then change your jewelry and accessories. If you can afford more, then there are definitely more options, but you have to choose correctly. My inspiration for the blog is to share with others the tips I’ve learned as a personal shopper and the fashion inspirations I have.

Do you think people are afraid to buy cashmere, and why?

I think people are afraid because the word makes them think “expensive.” If you are smart about it, you can buy cashmere at huge discounts. Also, most cashmere sweaters are made to last and are not as trendy as other items so investing in them is a good idea. Timing your purchases is smart as well. The end of winter sales and the early Spring sales where they clear out the winter inventory are great times to stock up on cashmere.

What are your top three favorite ways to wear a cardigan?

I love wearing a long cardigan over skinny jeans and a tank top. I’ll usually add a scarf and some accessories. The cardigan will usually be more colorful while the jeans and tank more neutral.

My other favorite is a long cardigan over a short dress. The cardigan should hit a little below the dress. I love pairing this look with flats or knee high boots.

I love wearing a cashmere cardigan over my pajamas. In the winter, when it’s cold, nothing beats a great cashmere cardigan to wear over thin pajamas. It looks great and stylish and still keeps you warm.

{Sarah recommends a fuschia cardigan to keep your wardrobe bright and trendy. Pairing a bright cardigan with a simple white T-shirt or black tank can help keep things more neutral if that's what you prefer.}

If you were to design your dream cardigan, what would it look like?

My dream cardigan would be long and white. The white would be a snow white and it would never get dirty. It would fit perfectly, especially at the arms (I’m petite and the length of the arms are always too long). It would flow out and hit at the perfect point below my waist (not past my butt). When I button it, it would be tight, but not too tight that I can’t wear something underneath. Still, it would button and show my figure. There would be a small pink tulip at the corner as my symbol. Finally, the cashmere would be the thin cashmere, the type that is easily bendable and very soft. It wouldn’t be too thick so I can throw it on in all seasons, even during the summer at night when it’s cold. {Will those be to order? I hope so!}

Are there any tricks to the perfect fit in a cardigan?

As a petite woman, I’ve found many tricks to the perfect fit. First, scrunch up the sleeves. That gives the illusion of the cardigan fitting more snugly, even if it does not. On cardigans that drape, you want to make sure you scrunch up those sleeves, otherwise, everything will look like it is draping and ill-fitting. Second, add a belt. A thicker belt at the right place allows you to scrunch up looser fitting cardigans. Finally, wear something tight underneath to see how well it buttons up and drapes. Don’t wear something bulky or you won’t know how it really fits.

What are you reading right now?

I read more magazines than I do books. Right now, I’m reading – Elle, InStyle, Oprah, Bazaar, WWD. I also read tons of fashion blogs on a daily basis. {Including ours, I hope!}

What is your favorite indulgence?

I’d have to say chocolate. I love a piece of dark chocolate at night, after dinner, especially the Scharffen Berger ones. My other favorite is frozen yogurt. I can’t get enough, especially during the summer. Finally, there are these Red Velvet cupcakes from a place in Beverly Hills called Sprinkles. I love, love, love those!

What inspires you?

Everyday regular people. Sometimes I’ll sit in a café in NY or LA and just watch people go by. I can’t believe how differently people dress and how people choose to wear their clothes. It’s a daily inspiration since there are so many different ways to wear the same piece of clothing.

Where would you go on your dream vacation?

Australia. I would hit Sydney, then Melbourne, then Cairns. There are some wonderful boutiques in Melbourne that I would love to check out in person. Sydney has the best blend of culture, food and sites. I’d just rest and relax and maybe do some snorkeling in Cairns.

{Another recommendation from Sarah is a loose cardigan. It's not constricting, and you can easily throw it on over all types of clothes. Petite women be sure not to buy something that's too long.}

What fashion trend do you hate right now?

I am hating the fringed clothing trend. When you wear dresses or skirts that are fringed, they tend to get caught on everything – your bracelets, your jackets and your purses. Plus, the fringes fly up and separate making your outfit look like there are holes or something missing.

What fashion trend do you love right now?

I’m loving the one-shoulder dresses. They are that perfect combination of sexy, slightly revealing, but still covering enough so that people want to see more.

What makes you feel special?

A great dress, a new outfit, new shoes.

What is your favorite Shabby Apple dress?

I’m loving the Broadway fuschia dress. I wear it to work to see my clients and they just love it too.

What would you do with $1,000 right now?

I’d spend $100 on these shoes I’ve been eyeing and then put the rest in my savings account. This is a tough year so it’s important to save. {Next time I should specify that you have to spend it ALL! There is no recession in make-believe.}

What is your favorite Web site? (Besides ours and yours, of course!)

There are so many, but I love stumbleupon. I just stick in a word and it shows me so many wonderful sites that I’ve never noticed before.

If you could be any character from the Harry Potter books, who would it be?

Oh, I love this question – I would be Hermione. It may be a cliché, but I love how she is the smartest of the three AND a woman. The girl just has so much energy and confidence and I love how she always backed up her friends. I also loved her compassion which you see often in the book.

{Cardigans with non-traditional sleeves, like ruffled sleeves or kimono-style sleeves, can be more comfortable since your arms are less confined. And they are the perfect solution for petite women battling against sleeves that are too long.}

If you had to wear one outfit for two weeks straight, what would it be?

Probably my skinny jeans, three inch black heels, a white t-shirt from Gap, and my heather grey cashmere cardigan. Then, I would pair it with my gold hoop earrings and a few bangles. Since I have to wear it for two weeks straight, I would go with something more neutral and hope nobody notices!

Who is your style icon?

Coco de chanel.

Describe yourself in one word.


And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Don't you want to just run out and be friends with her right now? At least we can all be friends on the Internet. (That was a reminder to visit Cashmere Cardigan Boutique right now!)

(Did you do it yet?)

(How about now?)


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