The time has come for Valentine's Day cards!

As a child I found the whole giving of Valentine's Day cards a generally traumatic experience, mostly because I never really got any. But as an adult I have left all those silly insecurities behind (right?) so Valentine's Day cards are now a fun way to be creative and show a little love.

So, here are some favorites, handmade and otherwise.

For your one true love who spends all day in front of the computer, dreaming of you naturally.

Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't show a little love. Sort of.

I saw this little guy on Pinterest and it claimed to be a free printable, but I can't find the link. (I am still not so good at Pinterest.) Seems like you could recreate it easily enough, though. (Right?)

And these little goodie bag Valentines are my favorite. So easy to personalize and fill with anyone's favorite treats. I really like the one filled with sharp, colorful pencils.

Will you be making Valentines this year? What are your favorite designs?


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